Frequently Asked Questions

My most commonly asked questions, in a convenient list!

What times are you available?

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 12pm til late

Wednesday: 11am to 4pm

Thursday: 12pm to late

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday 10.30am to 6pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Please note: These times are a rough guide only, sometimes I'll finish up earlier or work later depending on the client. I also can occasionally take bookings on Friday's but I tend to save those spots for my regulars.

Do you take cash or card?

I can take both! I have an eftpos machine for your convenience, and a small amount of change to break larger notes. It'd be appreciated if you could bring smaller notes (if not the exact amount) when paying cash. I do not take AMEX.


I'm a new client, do I pay a deposit?

I take deposits from brand new clients at my discretion. This is to secure your booking and can be transferred to another appointment if you give 24 hours notice. It is $10 if you're getting nail art on natural nails or $20 if you're getting acrylics nails. The deposit will come off the final cost of your appointment. It is not refundable but can be redeemed against the I Scream Nails polishes that I sell if you're no longer wanting to book an appointment.


What time should I turn up to my appointment?

Please come as close to the appointment time as possible. I allow plenty of time for you to settle in and discuss design ideas so there is no need to arrive early. As I am home-based, I don't have a waiting area so please do not come early as I won't be able to see you until your appointment time. If you're going to be more than 5 minutes early or late, just send me a message to let me know and likewise I will let you know if I'm running behind and need you to come a little later.


How long does it take to do acrylics?

I admit I'm slower than the average nail tech, but I pride myself on my work and am a perfectionist and do my best to give you a spectacular set of nails every time. On average a full set/refill takes me 90 minutes to complete but sometimes I finish faster (depending on nail length, shape etc).


How far in advance can I book an appointment?

I take bookings up to around five weeks in advance. To see what appointments I have coming up, check my Availability page.


Do you do group bookings?

It depends on how many people and what you want to have done, but as a general rule I prefer one-on-one appointments as my space is not ideally set up for multiple people for lengthy amounts of time.


Do you do SNS?

 No. I only do acrylic and Apres nail enhancements. SNS is a very different kind of enhancement where layers of glue and acrylic powder are applied to the nail to add length and strength. There is a pervasive myth that SNS is better for your nails than regular acrylics which is untrue (in my opinion SNS is much harsher on your nails).


I bite my nails badly, can you still do acrylics on them?

It depends on how badly bitten they are, how long you've been biting them, if you've damaged your nails beds etc. Ideally you should let your nails grow out a bit before adding any enhancements as the more surface space we have, the better they'll last. If you can't break the habit then I recommend we add a layer of acrylic to your nails without adding length which will make them difficult to bite and will assist you in breaking the habit. 


Do you use gel/shellac?

 I use both regular nail polish and gel polish, depending on what you're after. I can do better hand painted nail art with regular polish, but gel polish is ideal for chrome and bling/3D nail art. Oh and Shellac is just a brand name of a gel polish just FYI :)


Are your products vegan?

While not all of the products I use are vegan, I endeavour to only purchase cruelty-free products for my services where possible. The acrylic powder and liquid I use are vegan and many of my polishes (gel and regular) are vegan too. Just let me know before your appointment so I can be sure to accommodate your needs.


Do you offer discounts for students?

Short answer, no. My prices are super reasonable though and compared to how many other nail salons charge, you could almost say I give student discounts to everyone! If you're on a tight budget I can discuss a couple of options with you to bring down the cost of your service slightly.


Do you do gift vouchers?

I do! I do them via email, paying with Paypal, for any amount you'd like and with a personalised message. I can also post the voucher to you/the recipient, at an additional cost (usually $2 to cover the printing cost & postage). Send me an email at to discuss.


How do I find you?

I am based at home in Seventeen Mile Rocks, on the Darra/Oxley side. I will give you the full address before your appointment. If you are driving here, I'm quite easy to find and you can just park on the street outside my house. If relying on public transport please note the nearest train station is Darra which is a 5 minute drive or a 20 minute walk away. Unfortunately there are no decent bus services close to my home.